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Our nod to the original RY4 which is a vanilla, caramel and tobacco vape. A slight nutty note is added to the back and noticed mostly on the exhale.


Mix Ratio: 70VG/30PG



RY4 E-Liquid was originally made by Chang Ning Dekang Biological Technology Co. for Ruyan Group Limited. Dekang defines the RY series as so (slightly modified for better translation);

RY1: Very subtle mixture of Tobacco aromas
RY2: Taste dry tobacco, raw, with no sweet aftertaste
Ry3: Exceptional blend of tobaccos, slightly sweet taste quite indescribable
Ry4: Tobacco blend with the trends of caramel and vanilla

The RY4 flavour became an instant hit, and every other E-Liquid manufacturer and DIY hobbyist set out to re-create this complex E-Liquid.

RY4... Amongst most vapors is considered legendary. With its foggy history, dozens of variations, and rumors of a rogue chemist hiding out in a cave somewhere in China. Clenched in his hands the stolen recipe of the "real RY4" so overtaken by the aroma that not even in the grips of his impeding death, would he set it free.



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